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November 2012


The New Temple of Jerusalem will be rebuilt on its Authentic Site, 
i.en. Dowstream from the "Haram" (= Dome of the Rock - Mosque Al-Aqsa)

The "Haram" of the Muslims, in reality, had been the large Antique Jewish Citadel which, always, had overlooked and protected the Temple, since King Solomon.
The real positioning of the Jewish Temple downstream from the "Haram" has been revealed by Natan's Study of the Temple underground Hydraulic System :
This Hydraulic System had been conceived by the Jewish engineers in order to supply the Temple with ever running Live Waters, issued from Sources and conveyed by aqueducts, for the daily Purification Rites in the Temple, such as they are imperatively prescribed by the Torah (Bible).
(This Temple Hydraulic System, unique in Antiquity, has been miraculously preserved, up to date, inside the bedrock of the “Haram”.)
Fifty millions liters of water were thus stocked, -upstream from the Temple-, in Giant Cisterns cut into the bed rock of the ancient Jewish Citadel (nowadays "Haram").
In addition, this Hydraulic System allowed providing powerful water jets under pressure, intended for the cleansing of the Temple, after many sacrifices of animals.
The complete precise Data of this Temple Hydraulic System have been meticulously registered by the 19th century Western Archaeologists, (-who have been the sole Scientists, ever allowed, for a very brief period, to explore and measure meticulously the rocky underground of the “Haram”-.)  
See complete Study at :

Historical Explanation

In 135 CE, the Roman Emperor, Hadrian, crushed ruthlessly the last Revolt of the Jews, led by Bar Kockba and Rabbi Akiba (the main Architect of the Mishnah) in their desperate attempt to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem.
After that, Divine Emperor Hadrian, who could not endure the stubborn and absurd idea of a Jewish Unique God, decided to wipe out from Mankind's memory the topographical Site of the Temple of Jerusalem (which had been previously destroyed by Emperor Titus in 70 CE).
All the surviving Jews and Judeo-Christians were, then, banned from Jerusalem :
The City became a Roman Colony populated by Pagan migrants, and was renamed Aelia Capitolina.
Hadrian made, then, completely erase to the ground the square platform (180m x 180m) which had supported the Jewish Temple, while the flat platform of the ancient Jewish Citadel (nowadays “Haram”) was used as campus for maneuvers of the occupying Roman Legions.
Jews were forbidden to even approach Jerusalem during two centuries :
Roman guards used to check the possible circumcision of any suspect attempting to transgress the Hadrian Ban, and any Jew caught was immediately put to death.
This Divine Hadrian's masterly topographical Scheme has brilliantly succeeded until to day…
And, meanwhile, the Rabbis, generations after generations, have conscientiously kept the Jewish Temple mummified.

Why rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem ?

The New Temple of Jerusalem, rebuilt on its Authentic Site, will become the unique Shield, able to protect efficiently Israel encircled by rather hostile Islam, and able to preserve World Democracy.
- (Incidentally, for example, the restored Temple of Jerusalem will turn the Koranic views of the Jews by the Muslims into respect, if not into esteem, since the prayers of the Prophet of the Arabs, Muhammad, were directed towards the Temple of Jerusalem, during his twelve first years of preaching, before his rupture with the Jews of Medina and his subsequent choice of the Pagan Kaaba, as the new Qibla (direction) of Muslims' prayers) -
As for World's continuous but difficult Search for Democracy, the Temple of Jerusalem has been, and is, perpetually fathering the necessary Democracy genuine impulses with its Intimate Moral Infrastructures' Perennial Sources :
Now, only vivid sustainable Democracy can efficiently protect the Weak against the Strong (and in particular : women and children against men, powerless against powerful), only Democracy can nurture permanent individual Creativity allowing constant Progress, and only Democracy can guarantee Freedom and Justice for all.
Finally, the Jewish Religion does make sense only because of the revolutionary Moral Covenant which had been concluded between YHWH and Humanity, the Content of which is preserved, perpetuated and celebrated, without discontinuity, in the Temple of Jerusalem, Mother of all Churches and Synagogues, and Father of Democracy.


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