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November 2012

************ISRAEL, its MUMMY and NAQBAH ************

******** In Yedot Aharonot (popular Israeli Newspaper) :
“Have we gone mad ? Has something gone wrong with our collective Mind ? The State of Israel is about to mark 60 years of Independence in an atmosphere of bitterness, depression and public reluctance to waste the money on (these) Celebrations (!)”-Sever Plocker- (veteran Israeli journalist)

“The solution is not to go in a (ghetto) bunker and cry (…)”-Shalom Kital- (another veteran Israeli journalist)

What Sever Plocker and Shalom Kital, among others, cannot understand is that the State of Israel has no sense in the absence of its Founding Temple, - without which Jews would not even know that they are Jews, and without which Jerusalem would have become a vague and unknown Palestinian village.-

With the sole exception of Rabbi Akiba, the main Architect of the Mishnah, who suffered the martyr for having attempted to rebuild the Temple in 135, all the Rabbis, since then, have conscientiously mummified the Jerusalem Temple (which they were committed to raise to Life again) ;
And the non-Believers-in-God (Jewish atheists and free thinkers) mock that very Mummy, whose indestructible Matrix, nevertheless, unconsciously attract them back, again and again, to Israel…

But Listen, O Israel !
YHWH -and/or the Jewish Collective Genome, (recalling the Finality of its Origins and of its Nature)- will soon restore to Life the Temple in Jerusalem on its authentic forgotten Site**, reviving, fertilizing and renewing its original Mission :
i.e. : the perpetual fathering of Democracy on Planet Earth, through appropriate collective Rites establishing the necessary reinforced Moral Substructures which permanently allow the safe building of all democratic Civilizations (= boundless creativity).
- And Democracy can never be established when these Moral Substructures (innate or acquired) do not preexist, whatever recurrent and rhetorical "elections" might be performed.

Therefore, with the new, necessary, and meaningful Temple of Jerusalem, the Times of joyful Celebrations will come, and, finally, free the once-creative Jews, imprisoned nowadays in their sterile ever-besieged State.
And ISRAEL would not survive without its Founding TEMPLE.
** See at the first Study of the Jerusalem Temple Hydraulic System, which has been miraculously preserved, to this present day, in the rocky underground of the “Haram” (Esplanade of the Mosques) :
This Scientific Study enables to locate precisely the authentic Site of the vanished Temple, downstream from the “Haram” (“Haram” which was, in reality, the ancient Jewish Citadel overlooking and protecting the Temple).

The Arabs Muslims mourn now the 60th Year of Independence of Israel as the “Naqbah of Year 1948”, all of them having forgotten, or rather, being totally ignorant of the “Great Naqbah of 638” (“Great Catastrophe of Year 638”).
That Year 638, Caliph Omar came from Mecca to conquer, by the sword, Jerusalem, whose inhabitants did know nothing about Islam, but were terrified by the frightening bloodshed, plunders and rapes of the Islamists Jihad warriors and “martyrs”.
That same year 638, Caliph Omar decided to build the Mosque Al-Aqsa (not to be confused with the Dome of the Rock) on the wrongly supposed Site of the disappeared Temple of the Jews :
This Mosque Al-Aqsa was built by Omar for the following reasons :
During the twelve (12) first years of his Predication, Muhammad had prayed in the direction (“Qibla”) of the vanished Temple of the Jews, as did all the Jews in Arabia in that time.
Muhammad failed to persuade the Rabbis of Medina that he was the new Prophet (mainly because of his total ignorance of the Hebraic Sacred Texts).
However, through his discussions with the same Rabbis, Muhammad had discovered the existence of Ismael, the illegitimate son of Abraham. Muhammad then decided to change the Direction (“Qibla”) of the Muslim Prayer from the Jerusalem Jewish Temple towards the ancestral Pagan Temple of Mecca (with 360 Idols from all Arabia).
Then, Muhammad “abrahamised” the Pagan Temple of Mecca, his native City, as the new Sanctuary for the Unique God (Allah) of the Arabs.
After this change of the moslem “Qibla”, all the Jews (and Rabbis) of Medina were slaughtered, or deported from Arabia.
In 638, after the Conquest of Jerusalem by Omar, the Pagans were offered the following choice :
- to convert immediately to Islam or to be slaughtered.
The Christians and the Jews were offered the following choice :
- to convert immediately to Islam or to become “Dhimmis” (subordinate class).
Furthermore, the Jews were forbidden from Jerusalem.

But, luckily (or miraculously) when building the Mosque Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem (-in order to commemorate the “Qibla” of those twelve (12) first Years of Predication of his dead companion, Muhammad, “Prophet of the Arabs”-) Caliph Omar ignored all of the Jewish Temple underground Hydraulic System :
Therefore, since then : this everlasting Error (another “Catastrophe”) of the wrong Location of the Jewish Jerusalem Temple, shared by, or imposed upon, the Jewish and Christian Dhimmis.

Natan 2008

“Archaeology is sterile when it does not implement the Future”
“En Histoire ce qui est cru efface ce qui est vrai“
Natan (d’apr├Ęs Talleyrand)
“In History what is believed wipes off what is true“