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THE SLEEPING RABBIS AND THE MUMMY******************************************************

***One can easily understand that the terrified Rabbis had been completely anesthetized by their ruthless Idumean Tyrant, Herod, who had been arbitrarily nominated by the Senate of Rome “King of the Jews” (Later this same appellation will be ironically affixed by Pontius Pilate to the cross where Jesus is crucified).
But the fact that, during two thousand years, not one single Rabbi (or Scholar) had stood up and expressed his revolted indignation at the profanation and desacralization of the third Temple of Jerusalem by Herod is one of the most stupefying event in the History of Mankind’s Ideologies and Beliefs.
Herod built an upper floor on top of the Holy of Holies, and furthermore the ceiling of this Most Holy Place was pierced with holes allowing lift cages to descend from the Upper Floor down into the Holy of Holies.
Now, even the least talented student of any Yeshiva (Jewish religious school) will tell you that above and under the Holy of Holies there could not be neither an attic, nor a maintenance room, nor a cave (which, very incidentally, is the case in the Dome of the Rock where there is a grotto beneath the “Rock”)
Why ?
Because atop the Holy of Hollies, the Divine Cloud (or Shekinah) descended directly from the Infinite Heaven on the Ark of the Covenant to meet the Intercessor of the Jews (Moses and after him the High Priest) in order to perpetuate the Moral Pact between The Eternal and Humanity.
There, above the atonement cover between the two Cherubim which are over the Ark of the Covenant, I will meet you (Moses), and give you everything in commandment to the Children of Israel. (Exodus 25 : 23)
This Upper Storey, paganly invented by Herod and built on the top of the Holy Place, and on the top of the Most Holy Place, existed, neither in Moses’ Tent of the Meeting, nor in the first Temple of Solomon, nor in the second Temple rebuilt by Zurubbabel and Jeshua at the return of exile of Babylon, nor in this same second Temple, renovated by the Hasmoneans.
In fact, Herod had invented this Upper Floor in order to be able, clandestinely, to descend himself into the Holy of Holies, with, occasionally, Imperial guests as for instance Agrippa, the son in law of Augustus (and who has been, inter alia, the most famous Hydraulic Systems developer in Antiquity and who shared with his friend Herod this passion for this specific technology innovation).
-(Tractate Middoth describes with great precision the ascending separate corridor which allowed Herod to go up to the upper storey of the Temple without entering officially the Temple)-
Thus, with this Temple Upper Floor, Herod could offer to himself and to Pagan elites a “Judaic initiation” equivalent, for instance, to the much favoured initiation of the Eleusinian Mysteries.
Moreover Herod could thus demonstrate to his inflated ego that, in his Kingdom, no power could prevail upon his own absolute power, even that of the High Priest (who, besides, was nominated by Herod).
The Rabbinical reaction to this terrible desacralization of the Mystical essence of the Herodian Temple has been, and is still, totally absurd and incongruous :
The Tractate Middoth of the Mishnah, written by the Palestinian Rabbis, describes meticulously the architecture of the third Temple of Herod (third Temple which replaced in fact the second Temple utterly demolished by Herod, even in its foundations) :
Here after, the extract of the Rabbinical Tractate Middoth of the Mishnah displays an incredible scope of naivety, or of blindness, specifically when concerning this third Temple Upper Floor, usefully invented by the Potentate Herod :
And in this Upper Room of the Sanctuary there were trap openings down into the Holy of Holies through which they would lower down craftsmen in cages, so that they could not feed their gaze on the Holy of Holies. (Middoth : 4 : 5)
The vast ocean of Rabbinical Literature allows sometimes discoveries of treasures of thought, seldom equaled. But, in same time, in particular in its Aggadic aspects (stories rather legendary) one can discover, also, in this Rabbinical Literature disconcerting accounts of vertiginous acrobatic reflections.
Indeed, in this respect, the Rabbis, Authors of the Middoth Tractate, indicated, with a very sincere and quasi-unconscious meticulousness, how anybody can walk above the Holy Place and above the Most Holy Place, and how any fellow can even penetrate down, by using small "elevators", into the Holy of Holies.
In addition, the Holy of Hollies of this third Temple had lost its Mystical Perfect Cubic form proportions ,prescribed by G*d to Moses (5 meters x 5 meters x 5 meters) and respected by Solomon (10 meters x 10 meters x 10 meters) but which had been transformed casually, by Herod, into a strange square well, 10 meters x 10 meters x 30 meters high according to Flavius Josephus, or 20 meters high according to Tractate Middoth !
Now, in this Most Holy Place of the third Temple, which, thanks to Herod’s architectural modification, anybody could then desacralize at will, only the High Priest had the religious right to penetrate, once a year (Kippur), for a very short moment of a few minutes to meet The Eternal and purify All Israel, and this, after one week of intense preparation, made of rigorous and ceaseless immersions in Living flooding Source Waters inside the Sanctuary { in the "Mikweh" (Purification Bath) located, above the surface, close to the Temple, at the upper floor of the Parvah House }.
Therefore, one will wonder, very vainly, what kind of work these pseudo “craftsmen” would have had to carry out in a Sacred Place, where there was strictly nothing since the Ark of the Covenant had disappeared, where nobody ever penetrated, and where the most complete darkness reigned.
But, moreover, in the field of total absurdity thus evoked, how many holes would have been necessary, actually, to drill in the ceiling of the Most Holy Place, so that these craftsmen of such eminently virtual work, locked up in a cage probably measuring 2 meters by 2 meters, would have been able to achieve such completely imaginary tasks, in a space of 10 meters by 10 meters out of reach from the cages, and without never being allowed to have a glance at the interior of the Holy of Holies ?!?!
In an eschatological perspective one could say that this third Herodian Temple, desacralized in such a cynical way, was indeed doomed to be destroyed.
Now this stubborn millenary blindness of the Rabbis can, most probably, be explained by their desire to keep a mystical devotion for a Temple of Jerusalem mummified, rather than to serve a living Temple where they would have to share their power with the hereditary Priests descending from Aaron, as prescribed by the Torah (Bible), and where they would feel obliged to revive animals sacrifices :
- C
oncerning the distribution of powers it may be usefully recalled that the Pharisee Rabbis did, in reality, not only share power with the “Kohanim” (Hereditary Priests) but most often did take over the full power in the Sanhedrin of the Temple.
Furthermore there are, nowadays, quite a lot of Rabbis Cohen in the world…

- Concerning animals sacrifices, those bloody Rites were not specific to the Jewish Religion : almost all Civilizations in Antiquity did practice Animal Sacrifices.
And almost all Civilizations have rightfully forsaken these initial primitive Rites.
This natural evolution of Civilization necessary Moral Rites is confirmed by the Scriptures, as, for example inter alia, in Psalms : 50 : 9-14 :
I have no need of a bull from your stall or of goats from your pens,
For every animal of the forest are mine and the cattle on a thousand hills.
I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are mine.
If I were hungry I would not tell you, for the World is mine, and all that is in it.
Do I eat the flesh of bulls or drink the blood of goats ?
Offer thanksgivings to Me, your God, and fulfill faithfully your Covenant with Me.

And such, because the true, unique and revolutionary Invention of the Jewish Religion was the institution of the Worship of a Moral Pact uniting the Jews to YHVH and to be preserved and perpetuated in the Ark of Covenant, in the Temple.
And the development of this glorious Cult, celebrating day after day the Moral Covenant, allowed in fact, progressively, to install the Jewish-Christian Moral infrastructure which is still fathering World Democracy for Humanity.
Dazzling confirmation of this sacrilegious desacralization by the Pagan Architecture of the Herodian Temple, was given by the representation of the Temple which was made on the coins, struck at the time of the last Jewish Revolt, led by Bar Kockba and Rabbi Akiba, -the main Architect of the Mishnah-.
This Revolt against the Romans aimed, in 135, at rebuilding the Temple of Jerusalem which had been destroyed by Emperor Titus in 70 : Obviously, Bar Kockba and Rabbi Akiba, who knew perfectly the Structure of the third Herodian Temple, made a point of fully restoring the Moses-Solomon Sacred Architecture with all its original Mystical Cubic Significance :
Indeed, all these Coins of Bar Kockba, do not display, obviously, the height of the Pagan Upper Floors which had been installed on the top of the Temple by Herod.
Moreover, the verticality so characteristic of the third Herodian Temple was replaced, in these revolutionary coins, by a deliberately horizontal vision, with, only as a vestige of the Herodian concept, the tetra-style Porch (probably because its visual memory was still too present 70 years after its destruction, and, anyhow, this Porch architecturedid not affect the Mystical Jewish Power of the Temple itself).
And then upon this authentic 4th Temple, which would have been thus restored by Rabbi Akiba and Bar Kockba, the Shekinah could have, again, descended, at the absolute zenith of the Holy of Holies, to deposit on the Ark of the Covenant its Divine Protection, in order to perpetuate gloriously the solemn and imprescriptible Rite of Celebration of the Moral Pact granted to Israel by YHWH.

***To conclude with this Op-ed, we would add that it proceeds from a quite bizarre state of mind to think that Mystical Certitudes cannot be studied and analyzed, especially when these mystical certitudes result from an initial malevolence made of egocentrism, cruelty, cold manipulation and ruthless thirst for power.
Natan *** October 2009
November 2012

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