Sunday, March 22, 2009


November 2012


From N Natanto

In the Capital of Israel, the Hydraulic System of the Temple of Jerusalem has been faithfully preserved, up today, in the underground bedrock of the Haram (Esplanade of the Mosques).

This underground Hydraulic System, -completely unknown-, has been carefully explored, measured and registered with great precision  by the 19th century Archaeologists, who are the only Scientists who have ever been allowed to enter the Haram underground (for a period of about 50 years).
A precise Study and reevaluation of all the measures of the explorations of this unique antique Hydraulic System, (aimed at providing the purification Source Waters needed for the daily strict exacting rites of the Jewish Worship) show irrefutably that the Temple of Solomon, the second Hasmonean Temple and the third Temple of Herod could never have stood on the Esplanade of the Mosques ( which had always been, in fact, as testified by all ancient texts, the ancient Jewish Citadel which, since Solomon, overlooked ad protected the Temple : After the destruction by Titus of all its buildings, its horizontal surface with ruins had been turned into the Campus for maneuvers of the occupying Roman Legio)

Please, ISRAEL, do read, YOURSELF, this Study (300 pages On-Line at can skip the introductory brief History of the Wailing Wall - ) and do form, YOURSELF, your own conviction, but please do not trust, in this very particular sensitive field, any scholar of the Israeli Archaeology Nomenklatura, and particularly not Mazar (whose only credential is her father) nor Dan Bahat (too much interested in the lucrative sales of his wrong books).

I am, of course, very sorry to be forced to appear so aggressive, but the Future of Jerusalem and of Israel depends now on the Restoration of the Unique Jewish Legitimacy of the Sacred Land, that is to say, the Restoration of the 4th Temple of Jerusalem downstream from the Haram.
(See Guidelines for this Restoration at : ).

Indeed, this irrefutable concrete Legitimacy, gloriously personified by the Jerusalem Temple --endlessly fathering the twins “Human Rights” & “Human Duties” for Planet Democracy Survival -- would be the only efficient Ideology Dome Shield (in the minds of all Nations, including Muslims) which would really protect Israel, and provide the necessary Rites to cement the strength of all the Jews of the World, uniting in yearly enhancing Pilgrimages.
No antimissile Dome Shield, even efficient, will be able, by itself, to protect really Israel, as miniaturized atomic bombs (or others) can be smuggled by Suicide Terrorists into Tel-Aviv.
Therefore the Ideology Dome Shield, provided by the resurrected Temple of Jerusalem, will effectively protect Israel, by deterring Islamism Determination, by questioning their Roots, by shaking their Conviction and finally by winning their Respect, if not their Friendship.
I hope that G*d will make you read this authentic History of the Temple of Jerusalem, and guide your Destiny.

Natan March 2009
November 2012

P.S. As for your Rabbis, do not worry, Israel :
They will, of course and as usual, ultimately rally to the political and social Decisions inspired by G*d (as they did for Cyrus, for Herod, or for the re-Creation of the State of Israel) and even claim, finally and proudly, the exclusive Control, Management and Direction of Worship at the new 4th Temple of Jerusalem
And our Rabbis should usefully seek inspiration in Rabbi Akiba (the main Architect of the Mishnah) who suffered the burning martyr, when the Divine Roman Emperor Hadrian crushed in flows of blood the last Revolt of the Jews, led by Bar Kochba and Rabbi Akiba, in their desperate attempt, from 132 to 135, to rebuild the Temple destroyed by Titus in 70.
( - Then, in order to remove the Temple location from Mankind’s memory, Divine Hadrian had the Temple Platform erased to the sloppy rock, and Jews (and Judeo-Christians) were deported, and banned from Jerusalem for two centuries, while the City was entirely repopulated with Pagan migrants (mainly Syrians - ).
This Hadrian Scheme has been fully successful up to day...
Finally, the Rabbis would also be well inspired to re-read
their Talmud of Jerusalem : Order Moed : Tractate Yoma : 1 / 1(Written by the Palestinian Rabbis four centuries after the destruction of the Herodian Temple by Titus) :Each Generation, during which the Temple is not rebuilt,
is as equally guilty as those who had allowed it to be destroyed.”