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* February 2013

As long as, for all the televisions of the World, the golden Dome of the Rock will shine omnipotently dominating and expressing Jerusalem landscape,
- the collective subconscious of the Israelis (believers and unbelievers) will compensate their hidden frustrations by asserting their “superior authority”,
- the collective subconscious of the Palestinians will long for their “inner superiority’ represented by their gilded flagship,
- the collective subconscious of all the nations will antagonize the permanent “arrogance of the Jewish colonialists”
- and Ayatollahs, Hezbollah and Hamas will wait patiently, like a new Saladin*, to wipe off Tel-Aviv, as irreversibly prescribed -.

* Saladin had defeated and ousted the Crusaders from Jerusalem, where they had settled to protect the Holy Sepulcher of the Christ from being permanently defiled { but, finally, the grandiose and magnificent masterpiece of the Basilica, which had been built by Constantine the Great for this Holy Sepulcher and which had offered to the Muslims the exact model for the building of the Dome of the Rock (20m x 20m = 20m x 20m), was entirely destroyed and wiped off from Jerusalem landscape }

So let us be clear for this 21st century :
Ahminidejad ( His Ayathollahs’Voice ) sees himself (and is rightly seen by most Muslim masses) as the new Saladin who will oust the “Zionist Invaders”, in the same way as Saladin had ousted the Crusaders.
Therefore nothing will ever prevent Ahminidejad (and the Iranian Theocracy) to wipe off Tel-Aviv when the time comes. And the Hezbollah, or most probably an unknown terrorist group of Jihadists in Syria will be the convenient executioner of this Allah’s Decision and Will.
Now only one Event can prevent this future disaster : the Restoration of the Temple of Jerusalem on its authentic site.
Why ? 
Indeed, this Restoration would certainly deter, question and unbalance considerably the theological certitude of the Ayatollahs, since the Prophet Muhammad, during the first twelve years of his Predication, always turned himself, for his daily prayers, in the direction (Qibla) of the Site of the disappeared Temple of Jerusalem (as did at that time all Jews of Arabia).
There is only one way to win or rather to appease an ideology war : it is to neutralize the conflicting ideologies by equalizing strongly the efficient signs of their influential power :
Founders of Empires or of Nations have always known intimately the everlasting and invincible power on spirits and souls of sacred or mythic Architecture.
Memorial to Holocaust is just a cruel tribute due to the despair of Jewish torture victims, and the “Wailing Wall” is just a sad tribute due to the distress of centuries long submissive dhimmis Jews, who, since the 17th century, had been tolerated to pray in what was then, a tiny, secluded and a little protective recess at the basis of a rampart of the “Haram”.
Of course, utmost respect and devotion are indebted forever to those lost and sacrificed generations of the Past reduced to a kind of nothingness :
But, also, this kind of bitter and self-suffering “memory monuments” cannot organically have the power to act as collective compass able to engender exalting civilization hopes for the Future.
In other words Israel is like a ship which has lost its rudder and its compass.

But since the new Study of the Jerusalem Temple Underground Hydraulic System has revealed the authentic site of the founding Temple, - downstream from the “Haram”- ( see this Study at ) it has now become the responsibility and the mission of Israel to rebuild on this authentic site - designated to David by YHWH - the 4th Temple-Synagogue of Jerusalem which will be as high, as great, and as impressive as the Dome of the Rock, and far more expressive, thanks to modern technology. (-see “guidelines” for the Restoration of the Temple at )
This restoration of the Temple of Jerusalem will be, in fact, the only way to establish and legitimate undoubtedly on the long term the Jewish nature of Israel: This “Settlement” of settlements will prove far more effective and peace making than the perpetual, and trans-generations mortal standoff for some acres of land or for some buildings in “East Jerusalem” and in the “West Bank Territories”…
Animals bloody sacrifices were not specific to the Jewish Religion : almost all civilizations in antiquity did practice animals sacrifices and almost all civilizations have forsaken these initial primitive rites.
The true, unique, revolutionary invention of the Jewish religion was the institution of the worship of a Moral Pact uniting the Jews to YHWH : - Moral Pact to be preserved forever in the Ark of the Covenant inside the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Jerusalem.- And the development of this glorious Moral Worship, so preserved and celebrated day after day, allowed progressively, by successive layers of its collective moral infrastructure, the blossoming of Democracy which, willy nilly, will finally become the universal rule of this first planet.
Therefore this Ark of the Covenant will be placed in the Holy of Holies of the 4th Temple of Jerusalem while the golden seven branches Candlestick, the golden Offering Altar and the golden incense Altar will be placed in the Holy Place as prescribed in the Jewish Scriptures.
Not far from the “Boaz” column of the Solomonian porch, the huge brazen Laver offering Purifying Waters will be positioned on the twelve bronze massive bulls representing the twelve Tribes of Israel, and, at the Altar facing the assembled Israelites, the High Priest and/or the alternating Chief Rabbi will officiate as in any Synagogue - (whose rites derive symbolically from all the Temple rituals (river returning to its spring) –
And once a year, at Yom Kippur, the High Priest, or the alternating Chief Rabbi, will enter for a few minutes in the Holy of Holies in order to ask YHWH to forgive, to purify and to redeem All Israel and Humanity.

Natan  November 2012 

REMINDER : Talmud of Jerusalem : Tractate Yoma : 1/1 :

“Each Generation, during which the Temple is not rebuilt,

is as equally guilty as those who had allowed it to be destroyed.”


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