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November 2012

Purifying Live Source Waters were absolutely needed for the daily Worship in the Temple of Jerusalem.

These Live Spring Waters, which came from the Etam Sources and Solomon Pools, flowed to Jerusalem by sole gravity in an Aqueduct ("Aqueduct of Solomon" or "Aqueduct of Etam''), which crossed the Tyropean ravine on a bridge (“Wilson’s Arch”), situated north of the “Wailing Wall”, at about 3 (three) meters below the present ground of the ''Wailing Wall'', in order to penetrate into the rocky underground of the nowadays Esplanade of the Mosques (“Haram”).

There, still by sole gravity, and without the use of any utensil, these Live Source Waters flowed ceaselessly to (among others) the Mikweh of the High Priest which was located inside the walls of the Sanctuary at the upper storey of the Parwah House, standing near the Temple above the surface of the Court :

These ever-flowing Live Source Waters allowed, thus, the daily purifying immersion of the High Priest, upon whom depended the ultimate Purification of All Israel, as required by *YHWH*.

This antique Religious Hydraulic System, faithfully and entirely preserved up todate in the rocky entrails of the Esplanade of the Mosques (and which can be checked by anybody including by UNESCO) demonstrates, beyond dispute, that the Temple of Jerusalem could only stand, in reality, DOWNSTREAM from the “Haram” on a disappeared platform erased by Roman Emperor Hadrian.

And the present deep-rooted collective mystical belief concerning the erroneous Site of the Jewish Temple is the successful result of a scheme played magisterially by Divine Roman Emperor Hadrian, and later firmly caped by the Islamic conquerors.

One can find, -all precise and detailed Data concerning this Religious underground Hydraulic System, unique in Antiquity-,
- as well as - the new authentic History of the Temple of Jerusalem -,
at :

November 2012


The present Esplanade of the Mosques (“Haram”) had always been, in fact and as testified by all ancient texts, the ancient Jewish Citadel which, since (David and) Solomon, overlooked and protected the Temple :
After the destruction by Titus, in 70, of all its buildings, the horizontal surface of this ancient Jewish Citadel in ruins had been turned into the Campus for manoeuvers of the occupying Roman Legio.
Later, “Divine” Roman Emperor Hadrian crushed in flows of blood the last Revolt of the Jews, led by Bar Kochba and Rabbi Akiba (the main architect of the Mishnah) in their desperate attempt, from 132 to 135, to rebuild the Temple destroyed by Titus. And Rabbi Akiba suffered then fervently the worst burning martyr for his lost Ideal.
Then, in order to remove, definitely and for ever, the location of the “stupid and stubborn Jews’ Unique God Temple” from Mankind’s memory, “Divine” Hadrian had the Temple platform (180 m x 180 m -Flavius Josephus-) erased to the sloppy rock : Jews (and Judeo-Christians) were deported and banned from Jerusalem for two centuries, while the City was entirely repopulated with Pagan migrants (mainly Syrians).

This Hadrian Scheme has been fully successful up to day…
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