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November 2012


Dan Bahat is, inter alia, the author of the most renowned and successful reference “Illustrated Atlas of Jerusalem”.
This Atlas presents a rich abundance of drawings, maps, plans, diagrams, paintings, photographs, etc., in an effort to offer a visual demonstration, as exhaustive as possible, of Jerusalem History.
Now, you can search desperately this Jerusalem Atlas, you will not find a single drawing of a reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon, although this first Temple was, and is forever, the irradiating and founding core of Jerusalem history, legitimacy and destiny.
But you will be able to find in this same Atlas, drawings of Pagan Temples in the time of Solomon, and, for example the reconstruction of the “impressive” entrance to the Syrian Tell Ta’yinat Temple : Dan Bahat hinting surreptitiously, at a Syrian influence on the architecture of the Jewish Temple.
On this precise example, Dan Bahat makes a plain error (among others distributed all over his Book) :
- Yes, there was clearly a Syrian influence on the architects of the Solomon Temple : the proof of which can be found, not in the Tell Ta’yinat Temple, but in the Ain Dara Temple, which had a Priestly Annex attached against the external walls, all around the Pagan Temple, on its sides and at its back, and which had two basalt columns supporting the Porch.
Now, these two Syrian characteristics were effectively added by Solomon to the sacred model of the Tent of the Meeting of Moses, when Solomon built the first Temple of Jerusalem, while faithfully respecting the Bible divine proportions of the Jewish Sanctuary itself (with the perfect cube of the Holy of Hollies) –
Those Biblical, sacred proportions which constitute the Fundamentals of the Mystical Architecture of Jerusalem and of its Temple, are also totally ignored by Dan Bahat’s Illustrated Atlas of Jerusalem :
In the same eclipse way, Moses, the Founder of the Jewish Sanctuary is not even cited one time in Dan Bahat’s Atlas of Jerusalem, while, for instance, Muhammad is cited 6 times... etc.
We do not want to make a complete book review of Dan Bahat’s, quasi-official Atlas of Jerusalem : that would be rather sad.
But we must add another final remark :
Dan Bahat presents many clever and luxury reconstruction drawings of the ancient sophisticated waters installations in antique Jerusalem.
But, here again, you can vainly scrutinize the Atlas, you will not find a single word about the functioning of the Hydraulic System of the Temple, without which the daily Worship (through the source living waters purifications required by Biblical Prescriptions) would have been totally impossible in the Temple of Jerusalem. All what you will find is a tiny reproduction of the drawing by Warren of the Haram Cisterns (for rain waters explains Dan Bahat !!! ) and, although you may notice an Aqueduct, not one word tries to explain the Purification Rites which required daily Source Living Waters.
Dan Bahat avoids cautiously to even trying a reconstruction of this Religious Temple Hydraulic System, although this innovative System was absolutely unique in Antiquity, and at the core of all the Jewish rites in Jerusalem.
This part of our criticism is so important that we have to give some examples of such a deliberate (or ignorant ?) manipulation under the guise of apparent accumulative erudition, as this Temple Hydraulic System, let us insist, is the only key allowing to position the Temple authentic location:

In that specific and decisive field, Dan Bahat’s Atlas proposes briefly such caricatured, erroneous and full of loopholes presentation that it verges on grotesque :

Pages 48 and 49 of the Atlas of Jerusalem by Dan Bahat :

Dan Bahat states :
“The immense consumption of water at the Temple required the development of a complex water system on the Temple Mount. ( –Perfect beginning-)
When the terrace was built to form the platform upon which the Temple Mount was erected depressions were left in the filling for the express purpose of serving as water reservoirs.”
Completely wrong : this convenient, but not innocent, “horizontal” presentation is totally contradicted by the 19th Archaeologists who had the unique chance of exploring the underground Cisterns of the Haram : They unanimously state that the main giant cisterns have been hewn in the bedrock below the surface of the Haram (wrongly called Temple Mount).
Dan Bahat presents thus the diagram of the cisterns of the Haram, established by Warren (19th Archaeologist) with the following statement :
“Theses cisterns which all collected rain waters...”

Dan Bahat omits, there, the essence of the Jewish Ritual (Biblical) Purification which required absolutely the uninterrupted and non-manipulated Flow of Source Waters.
But further on, Dan Bahat is forced to correct himself and try to concede :
“Water was also supplied to the City (not to the Temple !!!) from springs south of Bethleem...”

Again, Dan Bahat avoids cautiously specifying that the obligation of use of unaltered Spring Waters was an inescapable religious Commandment.
And Dan Bahat avoids also cautiously to, even, citing the word “Etam Source”, which initiated all Purification in the Temple of Jerusalem, and which is constantly glorified in the Talmud as the Purifying Spring of the Temple (The word Etam is not even listed in Dan Bahat’s very lavish Atlas Index...)
Then, pursuing his double-tongued demonstration, Dan Bahat feels obliged to state finally :
“Water was also supplied to the City from springs south of Bethleem. The finds from the excavations in the Jewish Quarter and part of the conduit on the Mount Zion have led to the conclusion that these springs waters were for the sole use of the Temple.
This statement is typical of Dan Bahat’s methodology : He constantly assembles and lists accumulative erudite facts, without even trying to understand the essential impulse which originated and explained these facts.
And, moreover, Dan Bahat rushes to annihilate the least bit of real information conceded, as, in this example, he does not hesitate to add calmly :
“It would seem that the aqueducts were built in the Hasmonean era !!!”
Exit, once again, the founding Solomon Temple Hydraulic System, exit the Solomon Pools, exit the Solomon Aqueduct (ancient Aqueduct), and exit the Solomonian giant cistern n* 8 into which flowed the springs waters from Etam !!!

After this renewed deliberate dhimmi indirect castration of the Temple of Jerusalem, Dan Bahat culminates with another pseudo-erudite preposterous error :
“Cisterns were also sunk on the Temple Mount, and already, in the Letter of Aristeas, water cisterns are being present in the lower levels of the Temple Mount.”
Dan Bahat should read (or less probably read again) this Letter of Aristeas, and he would discover and learn that the Cisterns providing the Temple with gushing waters at the surface of the Temple were present in the bedrock of the Jewish fortress (nowadays Haram) overlooking and protecting the Jewish Sanctuary, - Cisterns which, of course, had been hewn in the rock upstream from the real (but erased) Temple Mount.

This curious Dan Bahat's jolting and zigzaging approach betrays an "erudition" filled with astounding loopholes : In fact, Dan Bahat ignores totally the religious Purification Rites with Source Waters, which were at the very heart of Jerusalem Temple daily Worship.
And without the creation of the inspired and sophisticated Temple Hydraulic System (unique in antiquity) which allowed those daily Rites, nobody (including "erudite" Dan Bahat) would have ever heard of a little town called Jerusalem...
To conclude briefly with Dan Bahat, the absence of the Priestly Annex at the back of the Temple, in his reconstruction of the Herodian Temple, is another deliberate twist to historic reality, in order to assimilate artificially the Western Wall of the disappeared Temple to the western Rampart of the Haram, called “Wailing Wall”.
This is not History and this is not Archaeology :
This is to manipulate in order to enforce a dhimmi tradition which had tolerated submissive Jews and Rabbis to pray at the wrong place, at the feet of the Muslims, and in the wrong axis (west-east instead of east-west, as explicitly prescribed by the Torah) :
Wrong place, because a few meters under the ground where the Jews stand at this “wailing wall”, runs the ancient aqueduct in which flowed the source living waters from Etam, providing, by sole gravitation and without the use of any bucket or utensil, the necessary and uninterrupted flux of purification live waters to downstream (among others) the brazen Laver (for purification of the Priests) and to the Mikveh of the High Priest, which was located at the upper storey of the Parvah House standing very close to the Temple, forcibly south and downstream from the “Haram”, on the real surface of the disappeared Sanctuary Platform !!!
Wrong ritual place, also, because the underground basis of the pseudo "Western Wall" of the pseudo "Temple Mount" is erected, in fact, on the bottom of the Tyropean Valley...

To summarize, when being examined in details, the work of Dan Bahat appears similar to the various items presented by communist countries when they deal with Religious antiquities :
That is to say that Religion is systematically decerebrated and eviscerated to be turned into pseudo cultural and touristic profitable products.
Unfortunately, for the moment (but not for long), Israel’s Archaeology Nomenklatura diffuses complacently this lucrative state of mind.
But (again) NOBODY in the world (including Dan Bahat) would have ever heard of a little town called JERUSALEM, if David had not brought there the Ark of the Covenant, and if Solomon had not built there the Temple of the Jews - TEMPLE of JERUSALEM ever fathering Democracy to Humanity, through its indissociable infra-moral twins, called “Human Rights” and “Human Duties”.

Historically, Dan Bahat and consorts prefer to accept slavishly Hadrian’s destructive scheme :
In 135, this Roman Emperor, crushed in flows of blood the last revolt of the Jews led by Bar Kockba and Rabbi Akiba (the main architect of the Mishnah) in their despaired attempt to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem destroyed by Titus in 70. After that, Hadrian banned from Jerusalem the Jews and the Christian Jews (for two centuries) in order to remove from mankind’s memory the real location of the completely erased platform on which the vanished Temple of the irreducible Jews had really stood - beneath the protection of the antique overlooking and continuously fortified Jewish Citadel (nowadays ‘’Haram’’).
Of course, after having so obediently operated on Israel a similar archaeology lobotomy, Dan Bahat and consorts are no more able to grasp the innovating Roots of the Jewish Essence, Truth and Legitimacy.

However, in the end, and despite Dan Bahat and consorts’ noxious ignorance :
- in the same way as they finally reacted to pogroms and holocausts by unexpectedly (after two thousands years) deciding to recreate the antique State of Israel with "settlers" (consciously or unconsciously driven by the Torah),
- in the same way, the Jews, wary of lamenting dhimmily at the wailing wall and at the foot of the “Haram”, will finally and unexpectedly (after two thousands years) decide to recreate and restore their necessary 4th TEMPLE of JERUSALEM on its authentic Site (which stood downstream from the “Haram” -as it had been indicated to David by THE ETERNAL G*D Himself-) : Glorious Temple which will, then, stand as their sole undisputable Legitimacy and Dome Shield to withstand victoriously the growing environmental threat of annihilation, by perpetually offering to Humanity the living Democracy reference Source of the World essential and vital Moral Infrastructure.

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