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November 2012
ISRAEL RUDDERLESS SHIP*****************************
ISRAEL is now a powerful erratic Ship, having lost its rudder -which was the Temple of Jerusalem-.
Therefore this powerful Ship can no more deliver its precious Freight, which was, and still remains, the irreplaceable Leaven of World Democracy, constituted by the twin Fundamental Moral Genome : -Human Duties-Human Rights-.

Because of their ignorance of IDEOLOGY WAR, and because of their ignorance of Islam Fundamentals, naïve Israeli (and other) Politicians will soon witness the (same) rout of Fatah and the triumph of Hamas in the Western Bank, as Democracy can NEVER blossom in the Islamic Society irremovable Compound -for very specific Koranic reasons-.
And very soon, TV Programs will present all the Palestinian streets, haunted by ghostly women walking in their life-prison veils, sight which usually make the delight of complacent medias and tourists, in the name of a so-called comprehensive tolerance of different "cultures".

Then, Israel, floating adrift and encircled by the Ideology of Hamas, of Hezbollah, of Iran, of Syria, of Egypt, of al-Qaida, etc. (all fully loaded with pretrodollars to fight Israel), will finally understand that the only efficient Dome Shield, on the long term, which would be able to protect Israel from this everlasting irreducible Ideology Hatred from the Muslims, will neither be its army, neither the 150 Israeli atomic bombs, nor eventually the thousands American-Israel missiles of the Dome, nor Haaretz worn out stereotypes.

In this irreducible and raging IDEOLOGY WAR, led by the fanatics-faithful Muhammadan Islamists, the only IDEOLOGY EVENT which could win Israel, at least, the Justified Respect (if not the Esteem) of the Muslim World, is the Restoration of the Temple of Jerusalem on its Authentic Site ***.
(-Jerusalem Temple fathering Democracy with its indissoluble genome twins, Human Duties and Human Rghts- : Jerusalem Temple, let us insistently recall, without which Muhammad -begging for the Shekinah- as well as Israel, as well as Muslim and Israeli Nomenklaturas, and as well as World Democracy, would never have existed).

See at the first and sole Archaeology Study of the Jerusalem Temple Hydraulic System, which has been miraculously preserved, to this present day, in the rocky underground of the “Haram” (Esplanade of the Mosques) and which can be visited by anyone :
This Archaeology Study enables to locate precisely the authentic Site of the vanished Temple, downstream from the “Haram” (“Haram” which, in reality, had always been the ancient Jewish Citadel overlooking and protecting the Temple).
The grandiose, innovative, unique (and totally ignored ! ) antique TEMPLE HYDRAULIC SYSTEM, installed from King Solomon to King Herod, with meticulous underground cascades, had been, thus, designed to constitute the “Water Tower” which stored and provided, DOWNSTREAM, and by sole gravitation, the indispensable Live Source Waters of Etam to the JERUSALEM TEMPLE :
These purifying living Waters had to EVER FLOW, without the least interruption and by sole gravitation, according to the meticulous exacting Jewish Religious Prescriptions, in order to allow daily Mikweh Purifications of ALL ISRAEL, as absolutely required by YHWH in the Worship of the ancient ISRAEL TEMPLE –
- The Temple, therefore in reality, stood on a disappeared Platform, located DOWNSTREAM from its “Water Tower” : and this “Water Tower” is still, to date, embedded in the rocky underground of the nowadays Haram-).

Thus, the JEWISH TEMPLE stood in reality DOWNSTREAM from the Haram (ancient Jewish Citadel) on these disappeared Platform and Esplanade :

Historical Résumé :
These (downstream) Platform and Esplanade had been erased to the sloppy rock, in 135, by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, after the bloody repression of the last Revolt of the Jews, led by Bar Kochba and Rabbi Akiba (the main Architect of the Mishnah), in their desperate attempt to rebuild the Temple destroyed by Titus in 70.
Jerusalem was then voided of all its inhabitants (Jews and Judeo-Christians) and was repopulated with new Pagan immigrants (mainly Syrians) to colonize the City that became entirely and exclusively Roman, and was renamed Aelia Capitolina.
In order to ensure the success of a secret strategy, the object being to eliminate any new idea of Revolt by the Jews and any idea of a Single God, the God-Roman Emperor Hadrian had decided to eradicate from the memory of humanity the real location of the Temple.
With this objective in view, Hadrian, thus, had expelled the Jews from Jerusalem with an Edict formally forbidding all Jews (or Judeo-Christians) to never again approach the City under pain of instant death.
This Interdiction forbidding the Jews (and Judeo-Christians) to approach Jerusalem remained in force for about two centuries, and its application was facilitated by the visual inspection of circumcision of any suspect.
After the destruction of the Temple by the Roman Emperor Titus in 70, the Herodian Esplanade of the Citadel which overlooked and protected the Temple had be turned into the “Campus” (flat maneuvers place) of the Roman occupying Legion (X Frentesis in the beginnning). 
Later, after the Conquest of Jerusalem by Caliph Omar, in 638, this flat open space became the “Haram” of the Muslims.**“En Histoire ce qui est cru efface ce qui est vrai“
Natan (d’après Talleyrand)
“In History what is believed wipes off what is true“

Talmud of Jerusalem : Moed Order : Yoma Tractate : I/1“Each Generation during which the Temple is not rebuilt
is as equally guilty as those who had allowed it to be destroyed”
(Written by the Palestinian Rabbis four centuries after the destruction of the Herodian Temple by Titus)

Natan 2008 - who salutes with commiseration the Israeli Archaeologists, more interested in their private business and civil servant position than in the Destiny of Israel…
Natan 2012

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