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Two sad Coffins - Hezbollah Triumph

November 2012
Two Sad Coffins – Hezbollah Triumph
and “Israel will disappear…”

Ahmadinejad, who is the Voice of His Master, “the Qoms Nomenklatura”, speaks and shouts, aloud, what one billion Muslims think mutely (despite what they may eventually recite publicly).

Israel ! Wake up ! Israel you are facing an Ideology War, and apparently the Israeli Government is totally ignorant of it !
Wake up Israel before disappearing !
The only efficient Shield Dome, which could protect now Israel from the everlasting Ideology Hatred of the Muslims are neither the 150 Israeli atomic bombs, nor eventually (but less and less probably) the thousands American-Israel missiles of the Iron Dome, nor Haaretz complacent stereotypes.
In the irreducible and raging Ideology War, led by the Muhammadan Islamists, the only Ideology Event which could win Israel, at least, the Justified Respect (if not the Esteem) of the Muslim World, is the Restoration of the Temple of Jerusalem ***. (-Temple fathering Democracy- and without which, let us recall, Muhammad -begging for the Shekinah- as well as Muslim and Israeli Nomenklaturas would never have existed).

See previous Post for this deep running Ideology War.

See at the first Archaeology Study of the Jerusalem Temple Hydraulic System, which has been miraculously preserved, to this present day, in the rocky underground of the “Haram” (Esplanade of the Mosques) :
This Scientific Study enables to locate precisely the authentic Site of the vanished Temple, downstream from the “Haram” (“Haram” which, in reality, had always been the ancient Jewish Citadel overlooking and protecting the Temple).
- Continued on the previous Post -

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