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Israel Fatal Error :
- Cure the Roots of its Ills -
Part I : The Diagnosis

March 2008 :
Declaration of Mahmoud Ahamadinejad,
President of (Moslem = non-compatible with Democracy) Iran,
(who dreams of himself as the new Saladin) :

Israel will be eradicated and its leaders will be judged and punished one by one (by the Islamic Courts who, according to the Chariah, have jurisdiction to deal with the Dhimmis Jews, who still dare to rebel).
Ahamadinejad speaks aloud what one billion Moslems think deeply.
And as a new Saladin, Ahamadinejad strenghtens his influence on Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria, restores ties with Irak and Egypt, and soon will unite with Atomic Pakistan.
Meanwhile Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, hailed as a potential peacemaker by the American administration, mused to the Jordanian newspaper al-Dustour that in the future it might be necessary to return to arms struggle (a Muhammadan Truce never becoming definitive).

Therefore, Ehud Olmert (who is not a Genius neither in Politics nor in Wars) is making a fatal MISTAKE :
i.e. thinking that the tiny Israeli Democracy (surrounded by all Islamic totalitarian Regimes) would triumphantly, on the long term, vanquish altogether, Hamas, Hezbollah, Atomic Iran, Atomic-Madrasas Pakistan, Ben Laden & Talibans Syndicate, (and Egypt to be very soon overwhelmed by the young frustrated Islamists, etc.)
And this delusive “Triumph of Israel” would be obtained by using the only force of weapons, of sophisticated technologies, of Israeli courage, and of endless self-sacrifices !
Meanwhile, impassive Ehud Olmert - totally ignorant of the Momentum of Ideologies impulses and strategies underlying evolutions of Civilizations -, Ehud Olmert, ignoring all, admits that “he does not have a magic formula” to halt the attacks of Muslim rockets, bombs, and soon of Iran and Pakistan Missiles…

Of course, as Ehud Olmert cannot understand (because totally ignorant of the true Muhammadan Preaching, totally incompatible with Democracy) is that what is now at stake, in this 21th century, is an implacable Ideology War between the Muhammadan Sect (whose Al-Aqsa and Dome of the Rock dominate proudly Jerusalem) and the Jews who, in the same Jerusalem, pray humbly, fervently and “insolently”- at the wrong place – i.e. at the feet of the Moslems who, over a few past centuries, had reluctantly given their “Dhimmi” Jews some stone bones to gnaw at the bottom of their ramparts.

Furthermore, Ehud Olmert as well as benevolent naïve Democracies are constantly deluding themselves with the fantasizing hope that, on the long term, “Moderate Islam” -which is a western illusion and in fact an emasculated Muhammadan Islam- would finally triumph with the help of the consumerism passion of Arab Petrodollars and under the beneficial influence of the Judeo-Christian Democracy Ideology.

But whenever such naïve Democrats fight for such an illusory Democracy inside Islamic Societies, they, in fact, pave the way for the Islamic Fundamentalists (see Iran, soon Pakistan, and very soon Egypt) who fervently burgeon and blossom in the Muhammadan indestructible compost of frustrated Islamic Societies :


Israel Fatal Error :
- Cure the Roots of its Ills -
Part II : The Cure

Therefore, and because of an identical total ignorance of the Fundamental Roots of Ideologies which underlie all human activities, Ehud Olmert and the Israeli Nomenklatura-Establishement cannot understand that, to day, ONLY, ONLY, ONE, ONE Ideology Event would be able to deter effectively the Muhammadan Sect - which has vowed the annihilation of Israel - :
i.e. this Ideology Event will be the RESTORATION of the indestructible JERUSALEM TEMPLE -- constantly fathering Democracy in the collective subconscious of Humanity --
This necesssary RESTORATION of the TEMPLE to be finally achieved on its Authentic Site * designated to David by YHWH : And this Authentic Site is, in reality, located DOWNSTREAM, DOWNSTREAM from the Haram (Esplanade of the Mosques) :

* SEE at : :
the first and unique Scientific Study of the TEMPLE RELIGIOUS HYDRAULIC SYSTEM which has been miraculously preserved, to this very day, in the rocky underground of the Jewish Citadel (nowadays Haram) which overlooked and protected the disappeared TEMPLE.
-This underground Religious Hydraulic System can nowadays be checked by any one in Jerusalem...-

This grandiose, innovative, unique (and totally ignored ! ) antique religious HYDRAULIC SYSTEM, installed from King Solomon to King Herod, with meticulous underground cascades, had been, thus, designed to constitute the “Water Tower” which stored and provided, DOWNSTREAM, by sole gravitation, the live Source Waters of Etam to the JERUSALEM TEMPLE :

These purifying living Waters had to EVER FLOW, without the least interruption, according to the meticulous exacting Jewish Religious Prescriptions, in order to allow daily Purifications of ALL ISRAEL, as absolutely required by YHWH in the Cult of the ancient ISRAEL TEMPLE (which, in reality, stood on a disappeared Platform, located DOWNSTREAM (nowadays Ophel) from this underground “Water Tower” -nowadays Haram-).


Historical Note :
When the Roman Emperor Hadrian had crushed down, in 135, the last Revolt of the Jews led by Bar Kokhba and Rabbi Akiba (who had tried to restore the Temple destroyed by the Roman Emperor Titus in 70) Jerusalem was voided of all its inhabitants (Jews and Judeo-Christians) and was then repopulated with new Pagan immigrants to colonise the City that became entirely and exclusively Roman, and was renamed Aelia Capitolina.
In order to ensure the success of a secret strategy, the object being to eliminate any new idea of revolt by the Jews and any idea of a Single God, the God-Roman Emperor Hadrian had decided to eradicate from the memory of men the real location of the Temple.
With this objective in view, Hadrian expulsed the Jews from Jerusalem with an Edict formally forbidding all Jews to never again approach the City under pain of instant death.
This Interdiction forbidding the Jews (and Judeo-Christians) to approach Jerusalem remained in force for about two centuries and its application was facilitated by the visual inspection of circumcision of any suspect.
Natan 2008

Israel Fatal Error :
- Cure the Roots of its Ills -
Part III : GuideLines for the Restoration of
the 4th Synagogue-TEMPLE of Jerusalem

Each Generation, during which the Temple is not rebuilt,
is as equally guilty as those who had allowed it to be destroyed
Talmud of Jerusalem : Order Moed : Tractate Yoma : 1 : 1
(Written by the Palestinian Rabbis four centuries after the Destruction
of the Herodian Temple by Titus)

in the indestructible Temple of Jerusalem,
whose impregnating Matrix
generates constantly Democracy
in the collective subconscious of whole Humanity


The Court of the 4th Temple
c copyright Natan 2007

To the East of the 4thTemple restored on its authentic site designated to David by YHVH , and in the west-east axis, the Main Court will be extended so as to span the whole Esplanade over the Kidron Valley (in direction of the Mount of Olives) :
Thus, the worshippers will be able to pray towards the Temple-Shekinah in the ritual east-west axis, rigorously prescribed in the Bible.
This huge Esplanade will be lined to the north, to the south and to the west, by three rows of High Porticoes, similar to the High Porticoes described by Flavius Josephus for the Herodian Temple.
Between these three rows of High Porticoes, retractable velums will be able to protect worshippers from the sun.
Along the north and south rows of Porticoes (and inside the Court) a storey will be installed for women.


The 4th Synagogue-Temple
c copyright Natan 2007

The Model of the 4th Temple will be :
- for the architectural plan of the Sanctuary, the Meeting Tent of Moses, and its dimensions will respect the initial mystical proportions, as described in the Bible.
- for the materials of construction and ornamental realisation, the model will be the first Temple of Solomon as described in the Bible while excluding the Annex. (The architecture model of the third Temple of Herod will not be taken into account since the Herodian concept had denatured and desecrated the Sanctuary by building atop the Holy of Hollies (over which the Shekinah is coming down) a pagan storey.)

The Holy of Hollies will contain the Ark of the Covenant and its Tablets, guarded by the two Solomon gold Cherubins.
The Holy of Hollies will permanently irradiate, and the Words of the Ten Commandments will appear, day and night, on the three external walls, in Hebraic (east), in English (north) and in Arabic (south).

The Holy, whose walls will be transparent, will contain the three Moses Tent sacred objects : the seven branches Candelabrum lit day and night (model on Titus Arch), the bread Altar, and the incense Altar.


The Platform of the 4th Temple
c copyright Natan 2007

The Platform of the 4th Temple will be a square of 180 meters x 180 meters, according to Flavius Josephus testimony, and in order to counterbalance and cure definitely Emperor Hadrian’s machiavellian destruction.

The Height of this Platform will be decided according to an overall study.

The Words of the Torah (Pentateuch) will appear, day and night, on the three external walls, in Hebraic (west), in English (north) and in Arabic (south).


The Altar and the brazen Laver
c copyright Natan 2007

The Altar will be between the Temple and the Court.
On the Altar will be installed the Coffer containing the Torah as in any Synagogue.

The brazen Laver will be made on the model and dimensions of the huge Solomonian Laver resting on the backs of twelve Oxes.
This brazen Laver will be provided with ever-flowing Source Waters, which will, then, pour down from the Laver into Mikwehs intended for the Rabbis and Rabbis-Priests conducting the collective Worship.
The required Purification virtue of this Water, circulating permanently in close circuit by means of activating electricity power, will be conferred by a special Aqueduct bringing the necessary insemination of ever-flowing Source Waters (in the same way as the Hydraulic System which had been installed by the Jewish hydraulic engineers, in the bedrock of the nowadays Haram Mount, in order to provide the required ever-flowing Purifying Source Waters to the three vanished Temples which were successively standing gloriously downstream :


The Worship to the Shekinah
in the 4th Synagogue-Temple
c copyright Natan 2007

The Worship in the 4th Temple will be similar to the Worship in any Synagogue, and will be conducted by Rabbis or Rabbis-Priests.
But, as the Worship in Synagogue is derived from the Worship in the Temple, as often as possible, the Rules of the Cult will tend to go back to the initial Rules.

Once a year, the Day of Atonement, the Chief Rabbi or Chief Rabbi-Priest, after having taken the ritual immersion bath of Purification, will enter the Holy of Hollies, for a few minutes, in order to burn incense and purify All Israel.

Natan 2007


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